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Strawberries! from! Town! Farm!

Posted 5/30/2016 4:30pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hello Dear Friends,

We're back with strawberries (wickedly good ones, thanks to the heat!) and we can't wait to see you at Tuesday Market. Find us there tomorrow and the following Tuesday and the one after that. (We'll have shaved ice, too, of course.)

Here is Wiley during the weekend heat wave loading in one of our flats!

flatAnd yes, we will have flats available for freezing and jam-making this season. A flat is 8 quarts, and they cost $54/flat. Three or more flats are $48/flat. Call, text, or email me if you'd like to reserve any flats. They can be picked up at market or you can reserve them to pick up later in the week at the farm. If you're getting 3 or more flats and live in the vicinity, I'm happy to deliver them.

See you at market!



Here's my #: 413 262 5489