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Strawberry Flats from Town Farm

Posted 6/8/2015 5:04pm by OONA COY & BEN JAMES.

Hi Everyone –

You might think I have a stockpile of photos of my kids with strawberrystrawberries, all taken at the same time and deployed as needed throughout the season, but no! Each photo represents a new instance in which we felt called upon to record both the size and the apparent (and quickly confirmed!) deliciousness of a particular strawberry. Here is Wiley helping out again this weekend (with dear old Hana helping out in the background!).

We will be back at market with tons of berries this week, and -- as many of you have already asked -- we will have flats available for freezing and jam-making. A flat is 8 quarts, and they cost $50/flat. Three or more flats are $44/flat. Call, text, or email me if you'd like to reserve any flats. They can be picked up at market or you can reserve them to pick up on Friday at the farm. If you're getting 3 or more flats and live in the vicinity, I'm happy to deliver them.

See you at market!

Here's my #: 413 262 5489